Europe with kids and cargobike?

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That´s René:


The modified Cargobike


I had heard of him before:

One day, René appeared at Radsport Lindemann s he asked for a Rholoff Speedhub instead of the E-motor , because he planned a 7 month vacation with Laura, his wife and the three children , destination southern Europe. Franz Lindemann had called me up to hear my thoughts about this idea, for I had cycled Spain a couple of times.

I had answered, that I indeed liked the idea to exchange the motor for a Speedhub.

The idea of a cargobike trip to Spain with three children in it, I considered between very ambitious and completely mad.

Laura & René having talked about their ambitious plans to the local News, I recognized him immediately, crossing by with his vehicle and approached him.

Well, he isn´t THAT crazy…

He seems to know quite well, what he is talking about, and he is the first one to try. For that reason, technical support all over Europe is running by itself now.

After a couple of hundreds of thousands of km all over Europe with a bobtrailer, I still have well founded doubts in this endeavour, but I am deeply impressed by the unshakable confidence, of the young couple, who emphasize:

“The children will decide, if it works at least.”

The “Velominata” and me whish all the best and we will be proud to follow and share the adventure.

Find them here:


And we know, what we´re talking!