Water for Bondali – CoVid 19 Update

Catarina Mellon School Foundation, Bondali, Gambia

the well


Preparing for PBP 2019 I heard about the water problems of Catarina Mellon School in Africa.

As some may remember, I generated a donation, in which I sold the ridden bicycle km to Paris ond of the brevet for 1€ each, symbolically. Thanks to www and social media, this was a great success:

All km have been sold, so all the money, Daniela, the mom of the project, had advanced on loan, went into a reserve fund for further expenses.

With the help of brave Fugi Drammeh, it was possible, to make the people put a small sum into this reserve fund, to get the feeling of responsibility.

All the action and the neverending work of Fugi on the spot made the gouvernment remember that forgotten place, it was elevated to a foundation and a new class was built.


Klasse (im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes)


Impressive to see, how initiative and a little money, (for our circumstances) can fix future for so many children. The number of pupils raised up to 200!

Being a foundation, the little school can be supported much better!

Meanwhile, there has been more trouble with that pump, and Gambia suffers a lockdown because of the pandemia. So, the single well is even more important now!

So I cycle on for “Wasser für Bondali“, unfortunately my plan to cycle to and back to Giro Sardegna crossing the alps twice, has been cancelled. The promotors were fair enough to donate the full deposit to the project, though there had been to other very fair offers at other times.

The refund goes to Bondali


making plans


If you want to support the school , please donate to

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Donations go to the fund 1:1

We don´t use any of it for our expenses.

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