Virtually I hade made the decision, but   Franz , smiling impish, grumbled:             ” Just try the “Litening, just to feel a frame made of carbofibre. Otherwise you might blame me later, for I did not warn you”.

Aftersome hundred metres it grew roots into my seatbone. Grinning I came back into his shop and grinning he said: “Want me to ask if they have frame deliverable?”

That scamp! A balancing act between carbofibre hightech and classical cycling mechanic:

The CUBE Litening completed with Campagnolo Record.
2007 I rode the ARA (Audax Randonneurs Allemagne) brevets for the qualification for the trial   Paris-Brest-Paris, therefore the uncool lighting equipment. The picture was made in Brühl, following the 400 km brevet. Overnight you need lights and a “Snickers”bar, because it will take a little bit longer.

What will my CUBE be like in France?

It performed brillantly.

But it turned out to be a bad combination, using an stiff   carbofibre system with a ladder network on wet and dirty french pothole roads. I ´ve got something in mind…

In wintertime the noble piece ist exposed polished carefully in my sleeping room, illuminated by a spotlight.

a beauty
a beauty

It will never stand there again: On the Hamburg 300 km Brevet 2011, for the second round of Paris Brest I crashed it. I still have got something in mind…