My tactic:

first of all, it ´s no race, but a brevet, that is a marathon.

With no doubt, there will be enough riders to view LEL as a race, my tactic is led by them.

These guys are really dangerous, in the early phase of the brevet there will be fighting and competing for the best position in the field and everybody is so nervous, that you simply overview a roadsign or a turn, suddenly everybody jumps on the brakes and latest THEN…

nothing for me.

I will set up myself right in the back, pardon, on the left this time, close to the curb

and let them all go off.

Maybe I lose time this way.

Who cares?

Although they all go on, as if it ´s over within the next five minutes,

reckoning an average speed of 12km/h we ´ve got plenty of time.

I found out, that I ´m never good at short distances, but the longer it goes, the better I work.

Sooner or later the haunted have shot their wad,  small groups my form and perhaps I