Ok, after this selection of Canarian Tapas the volcanoes of Timanfaya were a hard deal, but I am a traveller.

I eat what I find and want to taste the typical food of the country beside the mass tourism. And that means, with the food goes a good glass of local wine and good shot. Asceticism is nothing for me. To count calories makes me crazy and dietary supplements are healthy for the producer.

By odd cravings my organism shows what he needs and I fulfill them without compromise.

The only real bonk I ever had was on an RTF where they served only sweet papier mache ´.

Yet the travellers in the middleages wore a bag with bread, sausage, cheese and wine, this is always delicious and easy to share with people.

tasty chewing gum
Seafood Penne

Australian Roadkill dish

Emu, Bison, Croc & Roo