My personal St.Jacobs path

It ´s loading quite a time. That ´s why it took so long to get it online

lots of stuff

will everything fit in?

first, get Super Bock (german: high motivation)

kick it off!

Bridge over river Tejo, Lisboa

local meal

Das fehlte noch…

Fort Lippe

cork oak grove

that ´s how I feel at noon, too

always good to take a rest

direction as usual

the old road to   Coimbra

like in the ancient times

Antek & Frantek

entering Spain

not that far anymore

Ulle und Ivan haben doch nur…

cathedral of Santiago

Saint Jacob

Saint Narcissus


above the clouds…

…they roll past

Cruz de Ferro


La Mancha

won ´t harm you

shitty weather I


this was NO fun

shitty weather II

La Rioja


the french…

good bread, excellent water &wine, meat and fish in abundance

Palas del Reies de Navarra

one of the eldest monuments

“the glass of god ´s mother” (mine is bigger)

Dangerous cross? A leftover of the arabs?

reservoir of Yesa

roman bridge

montaniously power

not quite unperilious going 60km/h


that could have been my tent as well…

industrialized pigrims in Lourdes

a forced break. I make the best out of it


and they have got everything for the professionals – 3rd line from below

cave of Medouse

the pyrenees drop back south


Cap Agde

it looks beautiful…

Degustation (at   10 a.m.)

inconvenient musts

Tente molle avec un velo sodomisee ´ par un pain francais

they wouldn ´t let me in today, I think

Pirates nest

I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it into the meal.

Enough is enough !!!

fascistic architecture, Milano Centrale

more noble

What is he doing with his left hand? modern art…

group picture with trailer