I have lost the year…

The plan was to take part in London – Edinburgh – London.

Unfortunately my season 2008 ended with a deep impact:export--4220394

Anyway, my decision to sidestep the running child was allright.

Added to bad pain, learning to walk – you never believe what a complicated process walking is in fact, until you just can ´t –       There happend to be a severe malfunction of bonehealing.

This fact necessitated at least four operations.

Now, since 26.10.09 im capable of work again after 318 days.

At least, the insurance and the doctors thought, it could be helpful if I just get out of here for a little while. I got permission to take plane to Mallorca for two weeks. There I hired a racingbike and rode around a little. Meanwhile I missed LEL and, after painful thinking, it was just reasonable to cancel Africa.

If anybody had told me, I would celebrate my 10th year without a car cycling Mallorca, he would have got a punch.

But it was nice, actually, because August is too hot for most people

Im Garten war es schön
my garden is a nice place
Aber das ist auch schön
but this is nice, either
olive groves

Das Dorf Deija
the village of Deija
Sardinenbüchse Sa Calobra
sardins can Sa Calobra
Port Soller
Port Soller
ganz schön schlapp, der Dicke
quite exhausted, fatty
ruhig auch mal sowas
sometimes like this

Abendstimmung nach der Tour
sunset mood apres tour
aber mit gut essen in Soller
but with good food in Soller
und lecker Bierchen
and a couple of beers

...ist die Welt bald wieder in Ordnung
...the world looks ok after a while
Und morgens...
and in the morning...