Besides correct disposal of waste, where the trailer is a big help, there is a lot more belonging to a reverent dealing with nature when you are cycling.

My rubbish is always put in waste boxes when I ´m on tour, even if this means I have to carry it around half a day. Wrappings of bars and other food you get in races I always keep until I can dump them.

Camping in reservations is a taboo as well as frolicking around in the underwoods with a mountainbike besides the trails.

That ´s fun, but beasts and weeds own the same right to be undisturbed like you and me do.

Not mention the energy I save and the pollutants I don ´t emit, because I abdicate a motor vehicle.

Added to that, I collect thrown away bottles and save the deposit for a new bike. I ´m up to about 1600 € at the moment

it mounts up
it mounts up