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The attitudes and hints for cyclists in this block exclusesively reflect my personal experiences.

Given that cycling is a very individual kind of sport, which leaves everybody to his very own philosophy,  my predilections may be completely strange to another type of cyclist

I hope you like it, though.


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Ich habe mir angewöhnt, meine Berichte immer kurz nach einer Tour zu schreiben, damit ich die wechselhaften Emotionen während der Fahrt unverfälscht einfangen kann.

Um authentisch zu bleiben, werden diese Texte dann auch nicht mehr redegiert.

Wer Anglizismen findet, darf sie behalten.


Hard Rock, no cafe

Randos on the bike lane, waiting at a traffic light (!)



One or the other may know this feeling:

Late afternoon, the sun is shining into the window, you are struggling out of bed, shaking your head, grabbing the beer can on the bedside table, finding out that there’s only one mouthful missing, and thinking:

“what a night…”

However, very few now think about brevet cycling.


road to nowwhere


To anticipate, I do not complain: I knew the challenge, and actually I was lucky, because it remained largely dry, albeit windy and cool. The lovely Havelland was a nice start.

I was happy about the human train of the ferryman in Havelberg, who had been waiting for me for a long time, so that I could get over with the others, even though there were already several cars waiting on the other side. Dat´s de”East” …


made it


Nevertheless, I have rarely hounded and cursed so much on a brevet, it was actually pretty nice at first, until the night cast their shadows ahead.


rando´s dawn


“It’s a long way through the villages, so be prepared,” Ingo had written, and I was also, with my salty cranberry / nut mixture, what I can eat for nights, and Mettwürstchen.

In Schnackenburg I took fried potatoes in the sun, but after that I was so chilled that I felt really bad when things went on, and the placid coffee did not change anything in the end.


Coffee: Since many brevets in Italy, I am in this unfortunate mode that I work great as soon as I get an espresso every two hours. But with the 1.control after 168km, there´s not much about coffee, particularly espresso. Dat is too “East”.


the most comfortable variation, as long as there´s no cars



So I rattled then on countless variants of the most corrosive road coverings such as jackhammer captain “wot” freezing in the night. In any case, this “Hell of the North” (why not the East?) has confirmed to me again why I drive a titanium wheel with tannus tires: everything is still there.


that mate didn´t have much fun, either, though sitting on the couch all day…


Frankly, I was so tired in Neuruppin that I was determined to wait in the gas station for the first train to Berlin, shit on the qualifying, shit on it, that there are only 70km left.


far too old for shit like that


Then I found out inside that I had the Fon with the Railway app still in the handlebar bag, and until I could catch up, the espresso (which was here at last!) had done the rest:

Finish Amstel House 07:27

I’m just an Randonneur.

And meanwhile I’m looking forward to the 600k to Kühlungsborn …

Maybe you should consider choosing the Berlin HardRockCafe as starting point of the next 400?



(Deutsch) Eingriff in den ruhenden Verkehr…

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(Deutsch) Prähistorische Sternwarte in Lahde entdeckt!!!

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(Deutsch) Was bei Mäxx hält, hält bei allen…

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(Deutsch) Unplattbar? – #tannus die 5.

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My PBP 2019 – qualifying

drive like hell…


on the run: Kiel 400. Everybody gone in five minutes…

that´s the way you know it


a gorgeous morning…


shitty breeze…

that will last for 140k…

yeah, Reinfeld, where you fucked up last time, is far away

the doner kebap last night – too much, too late, too hot…   gulp…

perhaps it was the beer?


better Falafel…


Now backwind…  nice…

Cycle Paths in Schleswig Holstein are madness…


what the fuck?


newbuilt. How crazy are these guys?


my ass is sore…

don´t be a baby

wasn´t there a dragging pain in the knee?

You know that, man! Keep it another position

It´s getting dark now. I can´t see well..

So watch out carefully!




my ass is raw

bullshit, it feels like in all brevets, afterwards it´s nothing

if I go further to Grömitz, ther´s no train station

then you go on, there´s plenty of time

but after Grömitz to Heiligenhafen there will be crosswind

and with NNW back to Kiel it will be worse. Will you stop crying?

I´m cold.

So what?

Fuck. The landlord is right: clock change in half an our. I´ll never catch that train at eight. What a plan!

Great! You still have 8hrs for a 100k. After that, take any train

Shit. It´s raining.

Remember Brest 2007, buddy? That was rain…

If I go 44k to Plön now, I catch the 04:44train to Kiel and later the eight o´clock train I planned

But you HAVE to do the 400 in Berlin anyway, if you pull through, you can set the 300 free for another qualifier and may win a nice tandemride with the lady



er, ok..

something else?

bah, the wind is hassling


nono, although: Espresso?

my god…

“Oh, I expected, that nobody told you, Miss ***, for I am fairly the last rider. It´s that we do a kind roundtrip on bicycles and we have to proove it by stamps and signatures at certain points on the route. So, if you please… oh no, only to reach the railway station,…  400k…  I do that once in a while, you get used to it…

Thanks a lot, and a good afternoon for you.”

So, what was that moaning for?

but the wind WAS shitty