I will not give that back! My by now precise idea, the tireless commitment of Franz plus the competent work of his manufacturer who, as usual, really had no time to fulfill our wishes, finally created this first class roadster:

Frame made of   Columbus steel, disc brakes, Rohloff Speedhub 44/16, Fox Springfork, Steinbach seatpost – exactly what I need.

Ortlieb lowriders for food, raingear and first aid, the rest on the B.o.B.trailer. Spare tyres not necessary, thanks to Schwalbe company.

Meanwhile, the lighting was upgraded: the Schmidt “L6” was replaced by the “Edellux” LED light. It makes yuo SEE!

A positive side effect of this custommade bike is, that, on tour,   I never had this enormous pain in the legs when starting off in the morning again.

Most astonishing, the first bearing has been in good condition for almost 22.000km before it gave up. But rapidly.

under cover
gut im Regen
good for rain
gut im Schnee
good for snow
bei Sonnenschein
als Muli
as a mule
darf sogar mit ins Hotel
even allowed to sleep in the hotel