My Paris Brest Paris 2019

Paris Brest Paris, one of the oldest cycling events ever, held for the first time in 1891, was a cycling race for professionals until 1951 and has since been held by Randonneurs in a specific timeframe. The organization is more or less honorary.

Of the one affectionately referred to as “Randonne Olympic Games”, what others mock, this event has much more to offer than just cycling: You can do that in most respectable 42:26 down, as the former bobsled Björn Lehnhard (first 2015) , but can also take 90h, and experience the dedication and enthusiasm of a whole region of bike-crazy french who sacrifice their summer vacations to organize the onslaught of thousands of cyclists, celebrating with them a festival of sporting devotion and suffering. Often enough, the riders also pass sections where only weeks before the Tour de France rushed through, the names of the drivers are still on the asphalt of the road and often enough, there is also the decoration, with which the region presents itself as a cycling enthusiast.

Now it really does not matter which ambitions you go there with, be it to be really fast on the way, like Björn, or to turn as a confessed couch potato once in a lifetime a real thing, as Lars Kuhn, who wrote this down in a very convincing book.

I started  for the first time in 2007, the RTF tired I had quasi accidentally qualified out of curiosity at the ARA Hamburg, and wanted to know about it ..


Not raining yet…



2015 again with Uwe, however, I started a little too early to enjoy the atmosphere, which is why at a certain point I was so hopelessly behind the time that I gave up, an eternal sting, because I would have been able to drive to the end ..


below 70h….


2015 together with Uwe again. Unfortunately I started to enjoy the athmospere, before I was far enough in the brevet. So, at a certain point, I was so desperately out of time, that I quit, an eternal sting…


3rd appearance,,,



2019 Now I will hopefully get through the qualification uninjured again, and achieve what I still need: a “comeback” … this time the schedule is 90h + X. (for safety’s sake)

I would like to tell you about this way at irregular intervals, and true to the motto of my blog, the one or the other experience.

I do not go so far as to call this a “tutorial”, for the cyclist’s attitude towards cycling is far too individual. But maybe one or the other will realize that it does not really matter what kind of  bike, clothes or food you´ve got. Is it not true in your head, you do not arrive. But if you are willing to suffer, your whole life will not make you feel like rolled with a weeping tears of exhaustion through a field of cheering spectators. Or the memory of some wordless friendships with other drivers who brought you harmoniously through a hole, and then disappeared with a curt greeting in the crowd.

Let me tell you a short story last:

2005 I sat at the campsite of La Chambre, I had cycled from Central Germany with Rohloffschaltung and BobTrailer to here to drive the next day on the Mt. Galibier, where I wanted to cheer Jan Ullrich and Lance Armstrong in their  last duel. After a thorough inspection of my gear, a German student sat down with a backpack and an incredible pile of iron with fork, wide tires and V-brakes. So he had come here from Lake Constance in a week, wanted to see his girlfriend in Nice and asked me what kind of bike you needed for a travel.

I answered him kindly that he would like to have a look, which gives him a little more comfort but that, in my opinion, he had everything he needed.

That´s it.


even that one will do…